Understanding Mortgage Planning

The basic premise of Mortgage Planning is:

  • Debt elimination options
  • Future leasing of owner occupied home (or homes)
  • Non-cross securitisation of more than one property per mortgage
  • Provision for automated repayments
  • Allowing for future equity and investments as well as retirement needs
  • Cash flow needs without disrupting loan repayments
  • Consideration for further borrowing.
  • Investment loans
  • Development loans
  • Construction loans

Lenders don’t always have the necessary understanding and expertise in dealing with advanced loan structuring. Banks have a tendency to lock properties against all mortgages, which places them in an advantageous position of needlessly holding all securities, often to the detriment of the investor.

People with multiple investment properties, in particular, should seek out specialised professionals to gain the flexibility they require in mortgage planning their loans.

Property Investment Company in Sydney

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