Current Trends in the Sydney Property Market

In this recent video from Australian Property Investor magazine, investment specialist Chris Gray talks about current trends in the Sydney property market.

The Sydney Market

In the video, Chris says that the Sydney property market is, in general, doing quite well. He says that his own investments have increased in value a little over four per cent in the last 12 months, and singles out Sydney’s eastern suburbs as an area that he personally chooses to buy in, as it’s many apartments are in constant demand.

The Impact of Interest Rates

The current low interest rates and high levels of consumer confidence are good for property investors. With the rates being at a surprising low, he says now is definitely the time to buy.

Predictions for the Near Future

For the rest of the year, Chris predicts that the market will continue to grow. The market is healthy but not booming, and Chris expects another boom in the near future because of low interest rates encouraging a lot of investors and homebuyers to get into the market.

Advice for Investors

When asked what advice he would give investors, Chris says that investing is a matter of balancing the need to be well informed about the market with the need to jump in. As Chris puts it: “If you wait for perfect knowledge, you’re never going to get it, so at some point, just jump in”.

Investment Property Advice

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