Seriously Silly Science

The partnership encourages and promotes educational and career pathways in science to primary school students.

Partnership Members

Seriously Silly Science activities

Seriously Silly Science activities

Context and Goals

This partnership addresses the issue of falling numbers of students in tertiary science studies. Many primary school students are unaware of the breadth of career paths in science and technology.  The partnership aims to engage students with science through hands-on activities and workshops that promote the relevance and value of careers in science.

The partnership also addresses transition goals, both from Primary to Secondary and also Secondary to Tertiary, by building students aspirations and demystifying a university campus.

The Partnership’s Approach

The partnership evolved around the issue of increased disengagement from education at a younger age.  Griffith University hosted an event, where third year Primary Education students worked with the partners to engage students in science based activities.

Six interactive workshops were run at Griffith University for 250 Yr 6 & 7 students.  Presenters Microsoft, Queensland Police, Bond University, Griffith University, and YSA demonstrated the range of science based professions and encouraged students to be curious about the world around them.  Post event feedback from the students showed increased understanding of science careers and increased engagement with science studies.


  • The University positively influenced the perceptions of students and parents about higher education and career pathways.
  • Student’s awareness of science based careers has increased
  • Teacher’s capacity has been increased as they develop and implement small learning projects based on the workshops.

“What a great opportunity for school age children to work with Police in a positive way.” 

Jason Carter (Sargent Queensland Police)

Next Steps

The initial partnership event took place in July 2012, with 250 students, teachers and parents attending.  The partnership will hold a similar event annually. The 2013 event was held in November. Teachers will maintain links with the industry partners to develop more in-school science activities that engage students with learning.

Support from the Partnership Broker

The Partnership Broker (PB) facilitated the connections between the University, schools and industry connections, brokered meetings and generated the framework for the partnership.


Communication is the key, ensuring that all partners have been informed of updates, outcomes and plans are essential. Effective partnerships are based on mutual trust, respect, shared responsibility and good communication.

This partnership was brokered by The Smith Family.