Potential property investors who have been sitting on the fence are being encouraged to take the first step, with favourable economic conditions offering numerous opportunities. For those who want to take advantage of the current climate but are unsure of how to get started, property investment companies such as Property Secrets could be the ideal solution.

Aussie executive chairman John Symond cites recent suburb statistics commissioned from RP Data when claiming that there are a number of Australian suburbs offering gross rental yields that will be higher than the cost of a mortgage. These high-return properties are most commonly found in the suburbs surrounding capital cities, with rental yields that suggest that now may be a good time for people to buy their first investment property or to add to an existing portfolio.

Mr Symond added that while housing prices are still low in a number of areas, this could be set to change. What’s more, low fixed and variable interest rates make this a good time for potential investors to consider their options.

It’s worth noting that the PR Data that Mr Symond cites primarily looks at properties that are worth less than half a million dollars, meaning it highlights the kind of homes that may suit those who are thinking about entering the market.

Property Investing in Sydney

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